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October 21, 2016

Tim Cook on the Digital You


In Tim Cook’s recent exclusive interview with ABC, he gave insight into what he thinks the “digital you” will do. He specifically mentions real-time meetings in real spaces — “this gives the capability for both of us to be very present and be talking to each other, and have other things — visually — for both of us to see,” said Cook — acknowledging the all-too-obvious first use of a digital you. It’s an interesting (and obvious) stipulation, but I think Tim’s holding back. What else could the digital you do?

The new me.

October 21, 2016

7 Ways to Use Emojis For Marketing


Emojis - you see them everywhere. Every social network supports them as do messaging apps. And it's not just about happy, sad, angry, (insert expression) faces any longer. In June of this year, the Unicode Consortium accepted 72 new emojis, including an avocado and clinking glasses. What's more, there are several good reasons to use emojis in marketing, particularly if your goal is to curry favor from millennials.

Don’t worry, be happyface.

October 21, 2016

Three Email Habits That Kill Your Whole Team's Productivity


Make no mistake: bad email habits are widespread in companies. And especially when leaders misuse email, the negative consequences for others can quickly become magnified. Here's what to watch out for: hyper-responsiveness, nighttime and weekend check-ins, and over-cc’ing.

Work smarter.

October 21, 2016

Facebook Plans to Reduce Censorship, Show More Offensive But Newsworthy Content


Facebook will soon display more graphic content including violence and nudity that would normally violate its community standards as long as they’re newsworthy or important enough. The move comes after criticism of Facebook’s temporary censorship of the famous “Napalm Girl” nude photo of a child from the Vietnam War, which was shared by a Norwegian journalist and later by the newspaper he works for. 

The art of sex and war.

October 20, 2016

Meet LeEco, the Giant Chinese Mega-Corporation That Wants to Sell You Absolutely Everything


If you’ve heard of LeEco, it’s either because you’ve lived in China, or you vaguely recall that it bought up US television manufacturer Vizio a few months ago. That’s about to change, because LeEco is making a play for entire US market. What are they selling? Everything. It would be helpful here to explain what LeEco (LAY-EEco) is, but easy comparisons fall short. 

My LeEverything.

October 20, 2016

The Power of Cohesive Branding: Why Apple Wins


The days of just selling stuff are long gone. Today, in the race for consumers, marketers need to create entire, cohesive ecosystems in order to provide the most value. In Interbrand’s 2016 Best Global Brands report, Apple snagged one of the top spots, the brand value rising 5% to $178.1 million this year. A big part of what makes brands like Apple valuable is their cohesiveness as a connected business system. Apple communicates with its customers through its hardware, software, and retail stores to deliver one of the best consistent narratives.

Apple stays on top.

October 20, 2016

'They Have the Advantage': What Snapchat's New Deal Means For Media


Snapchat wants to be like TV, and publishers need to adapt. That’s the message from the news that Snapchat no longer wants to share ad revenue with its Discover media partners. Instead, the company will pay licensing fees for the content and keep all the ad revenue — the approach TV networks take. These new terms will have a seismic impact on media companies that have dedicated significant resources to Discover.

Well, that was snappy.

October 20, 2016

Meet Nintendo Switch, the System Formerly Known As 'NX'


Nintendo's next major step in gaming is a mystery no more. Today, the hardware formerly known as "NX" — and now officially dubbed Switch — has debuted, and here it is. Switch is a transforming console/handheld hybrid that can be pulled apart into a portable gaming system. It's powerful enough to run The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and also features its own, detachable micro-controllers for more party-like settings.

Totally nerding out.

October 19, 2016

Often Operating on Tight Budgets, Mothers Tend to Be Bargain Hunters


People in the marketing-to-mothers profession refer to mothers as chief financial officers of their households. The phrase suggests a comfortably solvent enterprise—prudent about money, but able to command it as needed. The reality of mothers and money is more complicated and less cheery, as explored in this new eMarketer report.

The boss of bosses.

October 19, 2016

Broadcasters Begin to Embrace Programmatic Ad Buying


TV broadcasters have long been hesitant when it comes to the adoption of programmatic advertising techniques, often fearing the risk of commoditization. Yet, slowly but surely, buyers report that more digital inventory from broadcasters is available through programmatic in the upfront market.

This just in.